Claud McMillen Auctions & Real Estate

Once you sign up for a bidder number and place a bid on an item you are AGREEING TO A LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT AND  the terms set forth when reading our auction terms and AGREEING WITH THEM before you receive your bidder number. 


TERMS FOR ONLINE BIDDING AND REGISTRATION:Bidder and Auctioneer agree that the terms listed below shall govern each online auction sale. These terms are agreed upon when registering for a bidder number at our online auction page.

Bidder agrees that by using our site, the Bidder accepts ALL terms and conditions set forth in any and all pages on this site.

  • 1. In order to participate and bid in this Auction event you, The Bidder (Buyer), must read and accept all of the terms and conditions of this auction completely. In order to register the Bidder must be 18 years of age or older. Claud McMillen Auction Co, at its sole discretion, may deny registration to any person or entity. Once you place a bid, you are electronically signing and consenting that you have read and accepted ALL of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement completely, and without exception. When bidding on any item(s), you are entering into a legally binding and irrevocable contract with Claud McMillen Auction Company, to purchase the particular item(s) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions Of the Auction.
  • 2. All goods are sold "AS IS", Where-is. All sales are final. There are no guarantees expressed or implied. Unless otherwise stated there is a 10% buyer's premium on all purchases. Payment in full is due when pick up is made the next day following the conclusion of the auction.  Payment may be made with wire transfers, cashiers check, Visa, M.C., Discover, and of course Cash. Personal and company checks will be accepted by pre approval of Claud McMillen.
  • 3. SALES TAX: All sales are subject to appropriate MI State Sales Tax Law.
  • 4. FAILURE TO PERFORM: If a Bidder provides false information, and or fails to comply with the terms of the auction, the Bidder will be Banned from any future auctions on this site or any other auction venue that Claud McMillen Auction Co performs. (WE DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. WE LOVE THE AUCTION BUSINESS AND WE WANT YOU THE BIDDER TO ENJOY THE AUCTION EVENT)
  • 5. DESCRIPTIONS: Every effort will be made to describe items and or lots as accurately as possible. HOWEVER, the descriptions and or advertising, Do NOT constitute any kind of warranty or guarantee of any kind. Claud McMillen Auction Co and all of their associates, employees, and Sellers STRONGLY encourage the Bidder to inspect all items and lots that they bid on. The Bidder accepts all responsibility in determining the fitness, condition, size, and proposed use of any item that they may purchase.
  • 6. WITHDRAWAL OF LOTS OR ITEMS: Sometimes an item will be withdrawn from the auction sale due to problems with shipping or no show, etc. Claud McMillen Auction Co reserves the right to withdraw items from the sale at any time.

ADDITIONS: Occasionally we will add items to the auction that is currently running, the same closing time and day will apply.

Question and Answers:

I’ve never been to an auction. How does it work?
Auctions are fun! The first thing you need is a bidder number. Go to the cashier’s desk with your driver’s license handy and you will receive a card with a bidder number printed on it. Keep this card with you at all times. During the auction the Auctioneer or “ring man” will announce what is for sale and present the item to the crowd. If you are interested in placing a bid at the price the Auctioneer is asking, simply raise your card high so the Auctioneer can see it. The auctioneer will then ask for bids higher than yours. If someone else bids higher, the Auctioneer will increase the price again and look to you for confirmation of your second bid. This process continues until the bids stop and the item is sold. If you have the lucky winning bid, show your bidder card to the Auctioneer so the sale can be recorded. At the end of the auction (or when you are ready to leave), go to the cashier’s desk with your bidder number and pay for all of the new treasures you’ve just acquired. If there are ever any questions – ASK. We are always happy to help.

What do you sell?
You name it and we have probably sold it. We sell automobiles, TV’s, jewelry, toys, clothes, coins, tools, sports equipment, quads, household, antiques and so much more. Part of the fun is coming to every sale to see what we have!  Along with personal property we also auction Real Estate as Claud is a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Is the merchandise guaranteed?
No. All items sold at auction are "AS IS".  NO GUARANTEES ARE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. You be the judge.  If we call it a duck and you know it to be a goose then it is a goose.  We try our best to represent all items but we are human, and not all knowing, so if you think we are mistaken in our description remember we are doing our best with what we know or given the knowledge about.

What is a  buyer’s premium?

All auctions conducted at our facility in Bellevue will incur a 10% buyer’s premium and 6% MI sales tax.  All fees are announced at the beginning of each sale and are also posted in print at the Cashier's stand.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, good checks and CASH.  Please call if any questions on terms of payment or removal of items sold.

Auction etiquette: 

Requests: While we have many things and we try our best to get to what you want, it is not up to the "ring men" to always decide when to put things up for bid.  We have a plan from the beginning of any sale as to what order we will proceed with in the sale.  So please, do not go up and ask for requests in the middle of a sale.  This not only stops the train of thought with the ring men (as they are listening to the auctioneer and planning their next move and watching the crowd) but it interferes with the view of the auctioneer for seeing possible bids.  It also appears that this is an accepted practice.  It is not.  We all have places to be and are on time constraints.  If there is something that you dearly want and cannot wait for it perhaps send a representative for you to bid as we cannot accept requests and it only slows down the process.

Bid rigging.  This is against the law and those who attempt this unethical practice will be banned from further sales and is punishable by law.  Some buyers will verbally bash items in an attempt to ward off potential buyers so they may get an item themselves.  Keep your opinions to yourself to keep from being banned from further sales.  If it was your merchandise being sold on the auction block you probably wouldn't want someone giving false information or discrediting your merchandise.  We work for the SELLER and try to accommodate the buyer to make for a pleasant buying experience.

Cell phones: As in any business they have their proper usage.  Please put your phone on vibrate when in the auction center or not in earshot of the auctioneer.  It interferes with him being able to hear bids and from customers being able to hear him.  Be courteous of others and take your call away from the auction ring.

Children and crying babies.  The same rule applies as for cell phones.  If they are disruptive please remove them from area and taken away from the auction ring.  Also use care when handling merchandise. 

Smoking.  It is not permitted in our Auction Center and please be aware of others when outside as some are allergic to smoke and others just plain don't like the smell.  Be courteous of others please.

How do I get to the Auction House in Bellevue?

We are located at 201 South Main St, Bellevue MI 49021

From I-69: take exit 48 (M-78) and travel west toward Bellevue. Follow M-78 for approximately 4 miles -we are just past the railroad tracks on the left.

From Battle Creek: travel north of town on M-66/Capital Ave, turn right onto M-78 (east), follow M-78 for approximately 7 miles. At the light in Bellevue, turn right onto South Main - we are on the right just before the railroad tracks.