Items we have sold in the past.

1. There are never enough hours in the day

2. You can't count the hairs on your head

3. You can't breathe through your nose with your tongue out

4. You just tried No.3 

6. When you tried No.3 you realized it's possible however now the whole office is wondering what you are doing ...

7. You're smiling now because you were fooled

8. You skipped No.5

9. You just checked to see if there was a No.5

10. You're smiling again! Now you will like and share this post 

No item is too big or too small, we sell it all!  From Armadillo's to Zip lines we've probably sold it.

Claud McMillen Auctions & Real Estate

As a licensed real estate broker, Claud McMillen began the auction business in 1982 upon graduating from Missouri Auction School and is currently a member of MSAA .
The following are a few of the agencies Claud has worked with and conducted sales.

Local, Federal and State Government
Downriver Area Narcotics Organization
Tri-County Area Metro
City of Detroit
Oceana Sheriff-SCENT
Alpena HUNT
Livingston County Sheriff
Omni Adrian
Southfield Police Dept.
Monroe SP
Albion PD
Portage PD
City of Kalamazoo, Portage,
Kellogg and Post Cereal Companies
Richland PD
Michigan State Police Posts
Chippewa County Sheriff
Washtenaw County Sheriff
Lincoln Park